Our Corporate Responsibility 2015

Message from the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

I am pleased to share with you details of our economic, social and environmental performance over the financial year 2014/15.

Nearly a century ago, we made a promise to save lives and protect the health of people. Our sustainable growth as a company is about delivering on that promise. We strive to do this by living our values, robust governance and having a focussed strategy that places patients at its core.

Corporate responsibility and sustainability are all about continuous improvement. At CSL, we are motivated by the challenges and opportunities this brings. Tackling these with our stakeholders wherever we can makes the pursuit of sustainability even more rewarding.

Our achievements this year include:

  • Disciplined investment in the development of new and improved therapies;
  • Maintaining the highest standards for product safety and quality in an evolving regulatory environment across an expanding and diverse geography;
  • Extending our reach into new markets and navigating complex healthcare systems;
  • Providing a workplace for our employees around the world that enables achievement of our objectives in an environment that is safe, meaningful and respectful; and
  • Effectively partnering with patient groups to improve the quality of life for patients.

In addition, this year we have broken ground on a number of large-scale infrastructure projects and made significant progress with existing manufacturing expansion works. The commissioning activities associated with these projects present short-term challenges for our environmental indicators, however we will continue to measure, assess and minimise where we can our impact on the environment.

Yet, one of the biggest sustainability challenges facing us all is climate change. We have assessed the impact of climate change on key areas of our business and have concluded there is no substantive risk to our operations.

You will also see we have featured outcomes from stakeholder feedback received on last year’s report. Your insights are helping us to continually reassess the sustainability aspects most important to our business and stakeholders and I look forward to sharing the results of our second materiality assessment with you next year.

Until then, I invite you to take a moment to examine our performance and provide us with your feedback.

Paul Perreault Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director