About This Report

CSL's eighth Corporate Responsibility (CR) report spans the financial year 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016. Any relevant events of a significant nature that have occurred between the end of the reporting period and the publication date are also detailed. Previous annual reports are available on our website.

Our report covers entities over which we exercise direct control and incorporates CSL Limited, CSL Behring (including CSL Plasma), Seqirus and global Research & Development (R&D). This includes our seven manufacturing facilities in Australia, Europe, the UK and the US as well as R&D, sales and marketing, distribution, and administration activities colocated with these facilities. Other sales and marketing, distribution and administrative activities and R&D occurring away from our manufacturing facilities are also covered by this report, including the full network of donation centres, laboratories and administration offices operated by CSL Plasma. On 31 July 2015, Seqirus was established following CSL's acquisition of the Novartis influenza vaccines business and was subsequently integrated with bioCSL. Unless otherwise explicitly stated in relevant sections of this report, data for the Seqirus business has also been included.

In preparing this report, we have followed the Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI) Sustainability Reporting G4 Guidelines and have reported in accordance with these guidelines. A GRI content index for this report is available on our website.

CSL has sought independent external assurance of health and safety data, safety and quality data and economic contribution data contained in this report. Limited assurance was conducted by Ernst & Young. An assurance statement can be found on page 56. We will continue to expand assurance activities to other aspects of our CR report over the coming years.

Changes to reporting

We have reshaped the design of our report with the aim of effectively conveying the results of our global materiality assessment and addressing the information needs of key stakeholders.

Consistent with prior reports, CSL is committed to providing a positive and inclusive working environment for our people. In this report, workplace-related aspects have been included in section 1.5 of Our Organisation

In addition, our new reporting approach is a direct result of the prioritisation of sustainability aspects by stakeholder importance and our understanding of their impact on our value chain. As a result, in this report, we transition environmental reporting to our website, however we have retained some data in our key performance data summary table on page. We believe our environmental performance is particularly important and relevant to select stakeholders and we reaffirm our commitment to continue to participate in initiatives such as CDP's (previously known as Carbon Disclosure Project) climate change and water disclosures to help inform investors of our environmental management approach and performance.

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