Marketplace Governance

CSL's marketplace is diverse and complex, presenting many opportunities and challenges. Responsible conduct in the marketplace protects our reputation and sustains organisational growth.

Operating responsibly in the marketplace

CSL's Code of Responsible Business Practice (CRBP) underpins our approach to operating with the highest integrity in the marketplace. Market practices are governed by companyspecific policies and procedures, internal compliance mechanisms and control systems are overseen by CSL's Audit and Risk Management Committee of the Board and the Global Compliance Committee.

Comprised of members of the Global Leadership Group (GLG) and other senior executives, CSL's Global Compliance Committee (GCC) provides strategic direction for CSL's compliance activities as well as providing a means to monitor compliance globally. The GCC oversees and supports the creation, implementation and monitoring of global compliance structures and policies and procedures to ensure business is conducted in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. This includes setting annual requirements for global compliance-based training.

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