Public Policy – Advocacy and Lobbying

As governments around the world set policy in the areas of research, reimbursement, trade and tax, CSL has a responsibility to share our opinions and advocate for policies to ensure that patients have access to the life-saving therapies that we manufacture.

The Global Healthcare Policy and External Affairs function is directly responsible for all government advocacy activities. Specific public affairs professionals within this group (who have decades of combined government affairs experience) are accountable for the development of policy, strategies, and their tactical execution.

CSL is transparent in regard to our government advocacy and public policy activities and we comply with all relevant local regulations and requirements for lobbying. In the United States, for example, employees who interface with the federal government are registered as lobbyists with the US Congress. These employees are required twice a year to disclose any personal political contributions to federal candidates for office. CSL files quarterly, publicly available, reports with the US Congress highlighting issues the company is working on and approximate expenditure on federal lobbying activities. Similar disclosure obligations apply at a state level.

Similarly, in Europe, we have voluntarily registered our lobbyists with the European Parliament.

Around the world, CSL seeks to collaborate, as allowed under local law, with patients and patient organisations who use or need our products with the common goal of ensuring that those in need of life-saving and enhancing therapies are able to obtain them.