In 2015/16, through supplier payments, employee wages and benefits, shareholder returns, government taxes and community contributions, CSL distributed over US$6 billion in direct value to economies in which we operate, a significant increase on the previous year.

CSL remains active in public policy debates across key markets. In Australia, we made submissions to a number of state and federal government inquiries, including those on research and innovation, the federal government's Medical Research Future fund and Australia's tax system. In Europe and the US, we continue our efforts to raise awareness and improve access to influenza vaccine, rare disease therapies and orphan drugs. Over the reporting period, CSL's political contributions in Australia and the US totalled US$18,804.

In December 2015, CSL Behring S.A. (Argentina), along with other parties, was found by the Argentinian Antitrust Authority (CNDC) to have participated in bid rigging in certain public hospital product tenders between 2005 and 2007 and CSL was fined ARS 10 million (at that time approximately US$1 million). CSL Behring believes that there is no basis for the finding and has appealed.

In 2015/16, no breaches were found by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or Medicines Australia with respect to the marketing and promotion of our medicines.


Assessing economic performance at CSL is integral to the delivery of our strategy. The Commercial Operations Senior Leadership Team oversees the delivery of our marketplace strategy and is responsible for sales and marketing, the identification of new markets, retaining and developing key personnel and targeted patient support in the community. The CSL Board has strategic oversight and monitors performance through key sub-committees.

Direct Economic Value Generated
Revenue 5,524 5,628 6,129
Direct Economic Value Distributed
Operating costs 2,920 2,874 3,678b
Employee wages & benefits 1,154 1,213 1,346
Payments to providers of capital (shareholders) 574 593 649
Payments to government (tax) 308 329 425c
Total 4,956 5,009 6,098
Economic Value Retained 568 619 31
aPrepared in accordance with GRI's Sustainability Guidelines Version 4 (other than payments to government – see c below). Incorporates financial data for the GSL Group, including CSL Behring and Seqirus.
bIn 2015/16, CSL contributed US$29.6 million towards global community efforts.
cIncludes only corporate tax paid at the international, national and local level.