Contributing to Public Policy

We participate in the development of public policy relating to health and healthcare both directly and in partnership with industry associations and patient advocacy organisations. We are open about our public policy initiatives in the interest of transparency.

At CSL we believe we can make important contributions to public policy, on issues that directly impact our businesses and where we have particular expertise.Our public policy initiatives are focused largely in Australia, the US and Europe. More information on CSL’ s public policy focus areas can be found in our annual corporate responsibility reports or via the regional links below.

Political Contributions

CSL’s Statement on Political Contributions requires that any donations supporting the work of party and political candidates or representatives be reasonably balanced among parties, candidates or representatives, and must be in accordance with applicable local laws and regulations.CSL Behring employees in the United States have formed a CSL Behring Employees Political Action Committee (PAC).This legal entity has its administrative support provided by CSL Behring, consistent with US federal law, but is managed by an employee PAC member board (it is not controlled or managed as part of CSL Behring and the company cannot contribute funds for distribution to political candidates).