Corporate Responsibility Approach

Our Promise

CSL's ultimate strategy is to deliver value through fulfilling unmet needs and enhancing patient experience. With patients at the core of our focus, we also strive to deliver sustainable financial growth for our investors. We achieve this through high-quality, focused research and development capabilities, operational excellence and global commercial strength. Across our value chain, employees drive our strategy and underpin the delivery of our promise.

CSL's Value Chain and Performance Summary 2015/16

CSL's value chain, supported by the efforts of our people and the expectations set by our Code of Responsible Business Practice and Values, enables us to deliver sustainable growth and our promise to patients.


Our Approach to Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility (CR) is governed by a global steering committee reporting to the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director (CEO). CSL's Executive Vice President, Quality and Business Services, a member of the global CR Steering Committee since its inception in 2009, is the Chair of the CR Committee. Supporting the Chair are senior executive members from Finance, Legal & Risk Management, Research & Development, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Commercial Operations, Environment, Health & Safety and Communications and Corporate Affairs. Over the reporting period, the CR Committee met three times and were supported by other subcommittee meetings across specific aspect areas.

The primary purpose of the CR Steering Committee is to support material aspect identification and to drive the awareness, integration and continuous improvement of CR throughout the company, ensuring alignment with CSL's strategic goals and operational priorities.


CSL's Code of Responsible Business Practice (CRBP) defines the standards of behaviour expected of all our employees and third parties (contractors, suppliers and distributors). Our CRBP also underpins our approach to corporate responsibility and drives our promise to patients. Over the reporting period, CSL commenced a review of the second edition of our CRBP to ensure it is current with industry standards and developments, and stakeholder expectations.

Stakeholders are able to anonymously bring instances of alleged inappropriate conduct to our attention via CSL's global hotline process. From 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016, 49 such instances were raised for the attention of management. For substantiated allegations, corrective actions were taken to the extent warranted. No allegations resulted in any regulatory action or action by law enforcement authorities and there was no indication of any increased risk profile.

CSL's long-held values guide our performance and interactions with stakeholders

Customer Focus: We are passionate about meeting the needs of our customers

Innovation: We seek better ways of doing things

Integrity: We are ethical and honest at all times

Collaboration: We work together to achieve better results

Superior Performance: We strive to be the best at what we do