CSL builds and maintains an inclusive culture that values diversity, which benefits our people and work teams, and also the stakeholders that we serve around the world. That benefit unfolds through better problem solving, decision making and innovative solutions because different voices and perspectives are included in multiple business processes. Each employee contributes a unique set of capabilities, experiences and characteristics. All forms of diversity (including but not limited to gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation and cultural background) are valued throughout CSL.

CSL has a Diversity Policy, which confirms the importance of diversity and inclusiveness to CSL and describes how CSL incorporates diversity into its business practices.

In 2015/16, females comprise the majority of employees at 55%, with males at 45%. For the employee categories of Management, Senior Executive and Board, males represent the majority.


Our total workforce by region and gender

1 Staff on payroll and excludes contractors, consultants, casual/temporary staff. Data as at 30 June 2016.

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Visit our Annual Report 2015-2016 website for more information on our diversity objectives and performance.